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  • Bamboo-Ferry-31.5x23
  • Sail with Bamboo, Oil on Canvas, 36x24in
  • Bamboo Ferry, Oil on Canvas, 31.5x23in
  • Cherry Blossoms, Oil on Canvas 24x36in

Xiang-Ming Zeng

Xiang-ming Zeng, born 1951, in China, is gifted in watercolor painting. Since graduation from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1975, the artist has had more than a thousand works shown across Asia, North America, Europe and Australia. Zeng is listed in the Encyclopedia of Famous Chinese Artists. Two of his paintings are in the permanent collection of the National Gallery of China.

Zeng’s paintings usually depict the past and the present scenery of our world, but are more beautiful, peaceful and romantic. In his words: “I cannot tell you exact places in my paintings – They are just from my memory and imagination”. The artist lived in California, USA between 1987 and mid 1989. He immigrated to Canada in late 1989 and has since lived in Toronto.

Major Exhibitions

1992 Group show, Scarborough Civic Center, Toronto, Canada
1991 One-man show, Gallery San Francisco, CA, USA
1991 Two-person show, Rain Forest Galleria, Sewickley, PA
1990 One-man show, Hanover Civic Center, Germany
1990 One-man show, Sing Tao Gallery, Toronto
1989 One-man show, Reid Gallery, Carmel, CA
1989 Group show, Renaissance Gallery, Pittsburg PA
1988 One-man show, Reid Gallery, Carmel
1988 Group show, Caladan Gallery, SOHO, NY
1988 One-man show, Sing Tao Gallery, Toronto
1987 Two-person show, Museum of Massachusetts Institute of Technology Boston MA
1986 One-man show, Douglas Gallery State College, PA
1986 National Watercolor Exhibition of China, Beijing, China
1985 National Young Fine Artists Exhibition of China, Beijing
1984 National Fine Arts Exhibition of China, Beijing
1983 Provincial Fine Arts Exhibition of Guangdong
1981 Municipal Fine Arts Exhibition of Guangzhou
1972 Country Fine Arts Exhibition of Shunde, Guangdong
1971 Township Fine Arts Exhibition of Sargao, Guangdong

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