The largest private art gallery in downtown Vancouver

  • Jean-François Mincet

    Young Girl in Blue, Oil on Linen, 28.31x20.12in
  • Isao Ito

    A Firm in the Spring, Oil on Canvas, 18x24in
  • Parvaneh Roudgar

    Maternity (2/5), Fiber Glass
  • Farahnaz Samari

    Reflection, Oil on canvas, 36x48in
  • Alexander Sheversky

    Still Life with Tangerines and Silver Plate, Oil on Canvas, 30x60in
  • Stephen Man-Fei Cheng

    SOLD Concern, 
Oil on Canvas, 48 x36in
  • Rahim Navessi

  • Richard L. Minns

  • Ella Charette

    Morning in Autumn, Oil on Canvas, 36x48in
  • Masoud Habibyan

    Tea Candle, 
Oil on Canvas, 30x36in
  • Wilson Chu

    Vancouver Evening, Oil on Canvas, 30x40in
  • Sara Mahjouri

    River, Oil on Canvas, 41x29in
  • Rosemarie Armstrong

    Illumination, Oil on Canvas, 28x28in
  • Tomasz Rut

    Ex Piare, Oil on canvas,  31x41in
  • African Sculpture

  • Miguel Freitas

  • Yury Darashkevich

    SOLD Faberge Girl, Acrylic on Canvas HG-resin, 18x20in
  • Patricia Banks

    Pacific, Oil on Canvas, 24x48in
  • Professor Cao Chong en

  • Lynn Demers

  • Xiang-Ming Zeng

    Cherry Blossoms, Oil on Canvas 24x36in
  • Olivia Zeng

    Flower with Trellis, Oil on Canvas, 20x16in
  • Neil Patterson

    SOLD Sundown Lake, Oil on Canvas, 24x36in
  • Voytek Nowakowski

    SOLD Revelation, Oil on Canvas, 48x48in
  • Xu Min

    SOLD The Waterlily of Pond, Oil on Canvas, 48x94in
  • Edgardo Lantin

    SOLD Sunset Melodies, Oil on Canvas, 30x36in
  • Nihal Kececi

    Reflections, Acrylic on Canvas, 30x48in
  • Evguenia Ioganov

    SOLD Between Heaven and Earth, Oil on Canvas, 24x16in
  • Jose (Joseph Wong)

    Canola Village China, Acrylic on Canvas, 16x20in (Framed)
  • Kindrie Grove

    Guardians of the Horizon, Oil on Canvas, 48x36in
  • Ant Fynn

    The Bodyguards, Oil on Canvas, 48x30in

Vancouver Downtown Art Gallery

Howe Street Gallery of Fine Art established in 1996, is located in the heart of Vancouver (one and a half blocks north of the Vancouver Art Gallery on Howe Street). Having recently doubled in size to 5,000sq.ft., we are now the largest private gallery in downtown Vancouver. The objective of the ‘gallery’ from inception has been to locate and exhibit a spectrum of highly acclaimed Canadian and International artworks.

Our primary interest is in neo-classical, traditional, and contemporary fine art ranging from hyper-realism to expressionism, but not limited to those styles. The art gallery is unique and refined exhibiting beautiful paintings, life-size bronze and stone sculptures; and other distinctive art forms, eliciting an air of the exotic, the possibility of finding something precious is never ending...

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