A private art gallery in Vancouver

  • David Shepherd

    Wish You Were Here, Oil on Canvas
  • Roland Gatin

    La Reprise
  • Jean-Fran├žois Mincet

    Nymphea 1, Oil on Linen, 13x13in
  • Isao Ito

    The Laonding in the Fog, Oil on Canvas 25 x 21
  • Stephen Man-Fei Cheng

    Innocence 21, Oil on Canvas 36x48in
  • Rahim Navessi

    The Woman in the Chair, Oil on Canvas, 58.5x66in
  • Richard L. Minns

  • Ella Charette

    October Morning, Oil on Canvas, 36x48in
  • Masoud Habibyan

  • Wilson Chu

    Uncleared Table, Oil on Canvas, 31 x 32
  • Sara Mahjouri

    River, Oil on Canvas, 41x29in
  • Rosemarie Armstrong

    Illumination, Oil on Canvas, 28x28in
  • Tomasz Rut

    Ex Piare, Oil on canvas,  31x41in
  • African Sculpture

  • Miguel Freitas

    Tranquil Colours, Acrylic on Board, 26x42
  • Yury Darashkevich

    SOLD Faberge Girl, Acrylic on Canvas HG-resin, 18x20in
  • Professor Cao Chong en

  • Lynn Demers

  • Xiang-Ming Zeng

  • Olivia Zeng

    Pink Flower, Oil on Canvas, 24x18in
  • Neil Patterson

    Fall Splender, Oil on Canvas, 24 x 60
  • Xu Min

    Purple Orchid, Oil on Canvas, 23.8x18.5in
  • Edgardo Lantin

  • Nihal Kececi

    Reflections, Acrylic on Canvas, 30x48in
  • Jose (Joseph Wong)

    Horizons in Gold, Acrylic on Canvas, 31x31in
  • Kindrie Grove

    Guardians of the Horizon, Oil on Canvas, 48x36in
  • Ant Fynn

    The Bodyguards, Oil on Canvas, 48x30in

Vancouver Art Gallery

Howe Street Gallery of Fine Art established in 1996.

Our primary interest is in neo-classical, traditional, and contemporary fine art ranging from hyper-realism to expressionism, but not limited to those styles. The art gallery is unique and refined exhibiting beautiful paintings, life-size bronze and stone sculptures; and other distinctive art forms, eliciting an air of the exotic, the possibility of finding something precious is never ending...

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